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Don't know who made that fig? Gloss through our base photos to "figure" it out! Given enough submissions of photos, we may be able to create a dichotomous key to narrow down the identities of many figs and point to those pages with the photographic evidence sought.

If your figure has no base markings but does have a distinctively-shaped base: You may get an idea of the manufacturer with our Base Shapes Guide.

If your figure has no base markings and no distinctly-shaped base: Try a visual identification using our Topical Galleries. Even if you find only a similarly-styled figure, you may be able to identify the artist - and follow the Sculptors listing to the manufacturer of your fig.

Editors: Please observe the rules and requests at the top of the edit page.

Sculptors: Remember to sign your bases!

Collectors: Don't buy pirated recastings and don't be cheated with one! Legitimate re-releases are fine, and so marked.

Base Markings Identification Guide: Samples by Manufacturers

Grouped Base Markings Scanned Pages


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