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Bryan sculpted and cast his first miniature in 1966 (a Guardsman of Gondor) carved from thick lead sheet using scraper board tools and cast in a plaster of Paris mould.

After a few years of heat and short-lived plaster moulds he aquired a pyrogravure heat pen. This was for drawing intricate illustrations of British Birds. However, Bryan discovered that the hot tip of the device could be used to easily remodel plastic soldiers. He set about remodelling hundreds of Airfix Robin Hoods into Orcs.

Soon after, he progressed to converting the Airfix models, then making RTV rubber moulds for his conversions (using the matchbox and plasticine tecnique) so that he could then cast up as many Orcs and Elfs as he could ever need.

Bryan then went on to make odds and ends for various small companies: notably Skytrex, where he made his first proper fantasy models. Then came Tabletop, Asgard, Tanglewood, Citadel Miniatures, Games Workshop, various fantasy games and a small adventure with Hasbro.

Bryan founded Wargames Foundry which was formed so that Bryan's Dad Cliff had something interesting to do in his retirement. As ranges were discontinued at Citadel and GW they were passed over to Cliff for him to manufacture and sell. Cliff also master moulded, moulded and cast a proportion of GW's new models for them.


Bryan has founded and been involved in many companies over the years:

Has Sculpted For

It is likely he also sculpted for most of the companies he helped found.


At least three miniatures have been sculpted in his image.


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