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 +===About this Page<span id="ABOUT"/>===
 +The [[Bushido]] role-playing game was written by Paul Hume and [[Bob Charrette]]. It was published by ''Tyr Games'' (1979), ''Phoenix Games'' (1980) and then [[Fantasy Games Unlimited]] (1981). Several companies have produced figures for it.<br>
 +'''Note''': around 2011 [[GCT Studios]] released a table-top wargame called Bushido along with a range of associated miniatures. This game is not affiliated with the original role-playing game.<br>
 +<div style="clear:both;"/>
 +===Officially Licensed Ranges===
 +* 1985: [[Bushido (Grenadier UK)]]
* [[Bushido (Fantasy Games Unlimited)]] * [[Bushido (Fantasy Games Unlimited)]]
-* [[Bushido (Grenadier UK)]] 
-* [[Bushido (Ral Partha)]] 
* [[Bushido (Texas)]] * [[Bushido (Texas)]]
 +* [[Bushido (Ral Partha)]]
 +* [[wikipedia:Bushido_(role-playing_game)|&#91;1&#93;]], Wikipedia, ''""Bushido (role-playing game)"''
 +[[Category:Licensed Ranges]]

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