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-* '''1920s''' {{clink|1930s}} {{clink|1940s}} {{clink|1950s}} {{clink|1960s}} {{clink|1970s}} {{clink|1980s}} {{clink|1990s}} {{clink|2000s}} {{clink|2010s}} {{clink|Unknown Decade|Unk. Decade}} {{clink|Unknown Year|Unk. Year}}+* '''1920s''' {{clink|1930s}} {{clink|1940s}} {{clink|1950s}} {{clink|1960s}} {{clink|1970s}} {{clink|1980s}} {{clink|1990s}} {{clink|2000s}} {{clink|2010s}} {{clink|2020s}} {{clink|Unknown Decade|Unk. Decade}} {{clink|Unknown Year|Unk. Year}}
* {{clink|1920}} {{clink|1921}} {{clink|1922}} {{clink|1923}} {{clink|1924}} {{clink|1925}} {{clink|1926}} {{clink|1927}} {{clink|1928}} {{clink|1959}} * {{clink|1920}} {{clink|1921}} {{clink|1922}} {{clink|1923}} {{clink|1924}} {{clink|1925}} {{clink|1926}} {{clink|1927}} {{clink|1928}} {{clink|1959}}

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This category page is for companies that were founded or entered the industry in the 1920s.

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