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About the Range

Celtos was created by i-Kore Games Ltd in July 2002. It was a fantasy tabletop wargame based upon Celtic and Norse mythology with an extensive range of fantasy miniatures. There were 5 different armies in the game: The Fir Bolg (Undead), the Fomorians (Orks), Gaels (Barbarians), Sidh (Elves) and the Vanir (Dwarfs). Urban Mammoth acquired the game in 2004 and then in June 2005 it was bought by Brigade Models (*1). It is still in production. The Celtos rulebook credits Kevin White (head sculptor), Mike Owen and Steve Saleh as the sculptors and some of the game's artwork was done by Clint Langley and Adrian Smith (*2).

Production Timeline of the Celtos Range

i-Kore Games Ltd

Urban Mammoth

Brigade Models

still in

July 2002March 2004June 2005 (present)

1. The Miniatures Page - News
2. The Celtos Fanpage - Artwork

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