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image:UrbanMammoth-Logo.jpg (Wayback Machine)

Status: Out of business
Active: at least Jan 2004 - around Jun/Jul 2011
Website:, registered 9-jan-2004 (now a link bait site)
Main Address: Unit 57, Mayfield Industrial Estate, Dalkeith, EH22 4AD, Scotland, UK

Urban Mammoth acquired all i-Kore brands and relevant IPR in March 2004 (*1). They went on to produce the Urban War and Metropolis games. In June 2005, Urban Mammoth sold the Celtos range to Brigade Models (*3), then around March 2006, they sold off the Void 1.1 range (to Scotia Grendel) leaving them with the Urban War Metropolis line as their core product. Their website had disappeared by mid-July 2011.

1. i-Kore press release
2. The Miniatures Page - Urban Mammoth
3. The Miniatures Page - News


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