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 +{{ArticleLogoMenu||IKore-Logo.jpg|i-Kore Games Ltd|120px|__TOC__|QM-Blank}}
 +[[i-Kore|i-Kore Games Ltd]] created [[Celtos]] in July 2002. It was a fantasy tabletop wargame based upon Celtic and Norse mythology with an extensive range of fantasy miniatures. There were 5 different armies in the game: The Fir Bolg (Undead), the Fomorians (Orks), Gaels (Barbarians), Sidh (Elves) and the Vanir (Dwarfs). [[Urban Mammoth]] acquired the game in 2004 and then in June 2005 it was bought by {{clink|Brigade Models}}&nbsp;[[#References|&#91;1&#93;]]. It is still in production. The Celtos rulebook credits [[Kevin White]] (head sculptor), [[Mike Owen]] and [[Steve Saleh]] as the sculptors and some of the game's artwork was done by Clint Langley and Adrian Smith [[#References|&#91;2&#93;]]
 +<div class="contents-1 columns-24">
 +<p class="contents-heading">Celtos</p>
 +* [[Fir Bolg (Celtos)|Fir Bolg]]
 +* [[Fomorians (Celtos)|Fomorians]]
 +* [[Gaels (Celtos)|Gaels]]
 +* [[Sidhe (Celtos)|Sidhe]]
 +* [[Vanir (Celtos)|Vanir]]
 +* {{elink|http://theminiaturespage.com/news/828264/|&#91;1&#93;}}, TMP ''"Brigade Models Acquires Celtos"'' (2005-06-27)
 +* {{elink|http://www.celtos.de/E/celtos/celtos.htm|&#91;2&#93;}}, celtos.de ''"The Celtos Fan Page"''
 +[[Category:Urban Mammoth]]
 +[[Category:Brigade Models]]

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