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Blister Packs

Set One

Set Two

Set Three

Set Four

Set Five

  • There were also stat cards without pictures released for the following minis that would have been in set five:
    Armored Skeletal Ogre, Centaur Sharpshooter, Death Knight, Drow Cleric, Dwarven Defender, Fearsome Ghost, Fire Elemental, Gargoyle, Gnoll Champion, Gray Elf War Wizard, Harpy, Hobgoblin Tribal Protector, Hound Archon, Human Solar Templar, Jovoc, Medusa, Mind Flayer, Pseudodragon, Thoqqua, & Weretiger.
  • The following minis were mentioned in the Chainmail ESD, but no card or picture exists:
    Barghest, Troll, Umber Hulk, Bladesinger, & Wight.

Faction Boxes

17863 Attack of the Drow: Kilsek Set 4 Faction Box

  • WOC17863 was released August 2002
  • All of the figures in this set were not available in blisters or were announced but cancelled.

88339 Starter Set

88340 Ravilla Faction Box

88341 Ahmut's Legion Faction Box

88342 Drazen's Horde Faction Box

88343 Mordengard Faction Box

Combo Boxes

17858 Shadow Lurkers: Mercenary Set 2 Combo Box

88020 Scythe & Slaughter: Ahmut's Legion Set 1 Combo Box

88030 Brute Force: Drazen's Horde Set 1 Combo Box

88040 Furious Steel: Mordengard Set 1 Combo Box

88461 Set 5 Ettin Trooper

  • Released August 2002
  • Not available in a blister.

88570 Fear & Fury: Ahmut's Legion Set 2 Combo Box

  • 88570 was not available in a blister.

88585 Limited Edition Ogre Mercenary

  • Not available in a blister.

88720 Savage Strike: Drazen's Horde Set 2 Combo Box

88750 Stone & Thunder: Mordengard Set 2 Combo Box

88766 Mordengard Combo Box

88767 Ravilla Combo Box

88768 Ravilla Combo Box

88769 Drazen's Horde Combo Box

88770 Dark Spawn: Naresh Set 2 Combo Box

88772 Thalos Combo Box

88773 Naresh Combo Box

88790 Snake & Scale: Ravilla Set 2 Combo Box

88810 Avenging Light: Thalos Set 2 Combo Box


17861 The Ghostwind Campaign

88000 Core Rulebook

88010 Blood & Darkness

88580 Fire & Ice

88960 Shadow of the Drow


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Paul Muller, Will Hannah, Roy Eastland, Ben Siens, Jerzy Montwill, Jim Warner, Mike McVey, Jason Wiebe, Jerry Knowles, Bobby Jackson, John Winter

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