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(<span id="10-418">10-418</span> The Great Griffin Chariot of the Windlords)
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(10-419 The Armoured Dragon <span id="10-419"/>)
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-====10-419 The Armoured Dragon <span id="10-419"/>====+====<span id="10-419">10-419</span> The Armoured Dragon====
<gallery> <gallery>
-Image:RP-10-419.jpg|<center>The Armoured Dragon+Image:RP-10-419.jpg|10-419<br>The Armoured Dragon<br>{{smgl|Tom Meier}}<br>{{smg|(painted)}}
-Image:RP-10-419-box-front.jpg|<center>box front+Image:RP-10-419-box-front.jpg|10-419<br>The Armoured Dragon<br>{{smg|(box)}}
-Image:RP-10-419-box-back.jpg|<center>box back+Image:RP-10-419-box-back.jpg|10-419<br>The Armoured Dragon<br>{{smg|(box back)}}
-Image:RP-10-419-scan.jpg|<center>catalog scan+Image:RP-10-419-scan.jpg|<center>10-419<br>The Armoured Dragon<br>{{smg|(catalog)}}
</gallery> </gallery>
-* Sculptor: [[Tom Meier]] 
<br> <br>

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