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===The Scorpion=== ===The Scorpion===
<gallery> <gallery>
 +image:aeg-cw-50950-03.jpg|<center>50950<br>Scorpion Heroes #1<br>{{smgl|Bob Charrette}}<br>{{smg|(x3, blister)}}
image:aeg-cw-00121.jpg|<center>VELL5RS01<br>Magistrate image:aeg-cw-00121.jpg|<center>VELL5RS01<br>Magistrate
image:aeg-cw-00122.jpg|<center>VELL5RS04<br>Bayushi House Guard image:aeg-cw-00122.jpg|<center>VELL5RS04<br>Bayushi House Guard

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