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Commercial Contributors

Commercial Contributors

Table Entry Format

Each entry follows a standard format:

  • Company - usually a link to the Company category page.
    • The person contacted. Followed by the Lost Minis Wiki user who contacted them as a "+" link.
    • A link to the external online resource.
    • A description of the persmissions granted. This varies for each.

How to Credit Someone

If you upload an image / logo from any of the sources on this page then the image should be tagged using, for example:

{{COCO|Miniatures Workshop}}

This COCO template will automatically expand to a "used by permission / thank you" comment with a link back to this page. Using the template is considerably easier than the method previously used.

How to Ask for Contributions

Be polite and to the point. Everyone's style is their own but something along the lines of: "I help edit the Lost Minis Wiki which seeks to catalog fantasy and sci-fi miniatures. We have a category for you on the wiki: take a look - <category page link>. Can I ask for permission to use your company logo on the Lost Minis Wiki? The logo image would be credited to you and you would get a mention on our Commercial Contributors page with a link back to your website."

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