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Some common issues that people run into.

Missing Cells in Image Galleries

If you add an entry to an image gallery but no corresponding cell in the table appears then there is an error in the formatting of the entry. The wiki software will outright ignore lines in an image gallery that have certain types of syntax errors. In other cases, a malformed entry will show up in the table but just as a fragment of text rather than the expected image.

For example:

image:TestImage2.jpg <center>Test2  (missing '|' between filename and description)
TestImage3.jpg|<center>Test3        (missing 'image:' prefix from front of the line)

Here the second entry doesn't show up at all. The third entry shows up, but as text rather than an image.

Unexpected Blue Box

You edit something and end up with an unexpected box with a dotted blue border around part of the text, like so:


This happens if there is any blank whitespace at the front of a line, remove the spaces and the box will go away.

If you were intentionally trying to indent a paragraph, then put a colon ':' character at the front of the line instead. Multiple colons can be used to get multiple levels of indentation.

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