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See also Chests and Coffers in the Treasure Section.





(See also Magical Summoning Bowls and Levitating Disks above.)

Cauldrons and other Cookware

Crockery, Drinkware & Utensils

Sacks & Bags

See also Moneybags in the Treasure section.

Jugs, Bottles, Vases & Jars

See also Urns in the Cemetary Section.

Trunks & Other Luggage


Too small to hold a human corpse, so they offen are used for money. Those made of metal for extra strength add a lovely chink! chink! sound that boosts the air of superiority of the owner (which is about to be mugged by that guy lurking in the shadows). What a great way to meet new people!

Open and Empty

Open and Occupied


Round-Lidded Treasure Chests

The all-time favorite for treasures of all kinds, it's also joyfully happy to hold your play costumes, whether you decorate it with '70's flower power decals or not.

Open and Empty

Open and Occupied


Angle-Lidded Chests

Stronger than the Flat-lidded Trunk, but more stackable than the round-lidded chest, these are pleased to serve academics and librarians, provided mothballs or cedar are provided to stave the bugs off the taxidermied museum specimens and all that paper.

Open and Empty

Open and Occupied


Flat-lidded Trunks

Rarely used for treasure, but often used for old clothes that can't shake the smell of Granny, this general purpose species often sulks in attics, adding a tangible neglected atmosphere to the place. What contentment they muster is gone once they've been relegated to the dank basement to temporarily hold a corpse when there's no rug handy. It could be worse... it could be chained closed and sank in the sea for all time to contain some undead thing.

Open and Empty

Open and Occupied


Unsorted coffers, chests and trunks


Other Canisters

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