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Sculptors: Chaz Elliott, Will Hannah, Jim Warner, Jerzy Montwill, Kim Graham, Jason Wiebe, Dennis Mize, Neil McKenzie, Mike McVey, Jim Johnson, Roy Eastland, Geoff Valley, Bobby Jackson, Ben Siens

Building on the success of the D&D Silver Anniversary Miniatures, Wizards of the Coast released another line of miniatures, now with slotta-bases.
WotC later released Heroes I and Monsters I, both boxed, containing figures from the blisters, followed by the new revision of Chainmail.
Some of the Chainmail miniatures were eventually released in the boxes Heroes II and III, Monsters II and III, Dragons I and II, and City of the Spider Queen. Wizards then switched formats yet again, this time to prepainted plastics.

Blister Packs

WOC40055 Black Dragon

WOC40058 Heroes I

WOC96288 Dragons I

Released October 2002

WOC40059 Monsters I

WOC88466 Heroes II

Released July 2002

WOC96289 Dragons II

Released October 2002

WOC17859 Monsters II

WOC96291 Heroes III

Released November 2002

WOC96290 Monsters III

Released November 2002

WOC88433 City of the Spider Queen

Released September 2002
Although House Kilsek is in Greyhawk, this adventure is set in Forgotten Realms.

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