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Search Keywords (Done):Angel, Demon(ette), Succubus/Succubi, Incubus/Incubi, Charon, Balrog, Imp, Satan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Afreet/ifrit/efreet/ifreet/afrit/Efreeti, Gargoyle.

Search Keywords (Pending):Devil, Evils, Chiron, Boatman, Baatezu, Tanar'ri

Cautions: The collection is sorted not by name, but by unpainted visual appearance, sorted first by body type. Since this collection may exceed the page length limit, links will be provided for each category as they become overlarge. Also, the collection cannot be expected to be kept up to date, as it is not the main purpose of this wiki to indulge the viewer with these special galleries; hence, a proper search should ensue if your figure cannot be quickly identified from this gallery.

To find the identity of the figure: Simply click on the thumbnail, then, on the page with the pic, scroll down to see what links to that pic and follow the links.

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Gargoyles - like Grotesques, but w. weapon and action-posed

For statuary that wards off evil, see Grotesques in Heavenly Host. For now, this is the catch-all category for both Gargoyles and Grotesques. Much bigger than Imps (see below) or Gremlins

Devils - wingless, horns, tail, cloven-hooved, armed w. pitchfork

Various Devils

Imps - miniature little batwinged demons, favoring pitchforks

Note: Tolkien used the word "imp" to refer to a small or young person and not a little devil or demon. In AD&D, these come in three types: Bloodbag, Euphoric, and Filth. Much smaller than Gargoyles (see above), and not as technologically advanced as Gremlins, who wouldn't stoop to pick up a pitchfork unless it was a last resort.

Fallen Angels

Afreet/ifrit/efreet/ifreet/afrit/Efreeti - Fiery Arabic/Islamic wingless djinn-demons


Type I (Vrock) - like a human-vulture cross

Type II (Hezrou) - toady, with human forearms

Type III (Glabrezu) - brutish goat-horned dog head, pincers for hands, human arms coming from chest, long tail

Type IV (Nalfeshnee, etc.) - apish boar w. small wings

Type V (Marilith, etc.) Females w. multi-armed torso on serpent tail

Type VI (Balrogs) - Large, bull-headed, batwinged, flames, whip & sword

See also Balrogs in Tolkien's Creations.

Greater Demons


Also formerly known (in AD&D) as "daemons".

Altraloths - fits theme of: Death, Pestilence, War, or Famine

Includes the personality Anthraxus (former Oinoloth).

Arcanaloths - Jackal-headed

Includes the personalities Helekanalaith (Keeper of the Tower Arcane), Inajira (major Grand Conjuction player trapped in Ravenloft), and Larsdana Ap Neut (former Keeper of the Tower Arcane).

Baernaloths - ancient progenitors (better description pending)

Includes the personalities Daru Ib Shamiq (teleportation master) and Harishek Ap Thulkesh ("The Blind Clockmaker," member of The Demented).

Battleloths - Weapon-shaped demons

Arrow Battleloths

Axe Battleloths

Crossbow Battleloths

Pick Battleloths

Spiked Chain Battleloths

Sword Battleloths

Canoloths - Doglike scouts or skirmishers

Corruptors of Fate - stealthy-looking (better description pending)

Dergholoths - round bodies, five arms, three legs, insectoid heads

Echinoloths - hybrid of starfish and squid

Gacholoths - four-legs (better description pending)

Hydroloths - Froglike

See also Type II (Hezrou) demons above.

Marraenoloths - Skeletal River Styx ferrymen

Charon is The Boatman.

Mezzoloths - Insectile footsoldiers


Piscoloths - Fishlike officers

See also Deep Ones.

Nycaloths - gargoylelike cavalry

Skeroloths - Army Dregs (better description pending)

Ultroloths - Cruel officers (better description pending)

Includes the personalities General of Gehenna ("First ultroloth," Ruler of the Yugoloths) and Mydianchlarus (current Oinoloth, "Ultroloth Prince").

Voors - Tentacled hulks

Dreadful Lashers

Greater versions.

Yagnoloths - one-armed Minor lords

Named Yugoloths, Unsorted

Includes the personalities Bubonix (Lord of the Tower of Incarnate Pain in Carceri), Cholerix (second in command of Bubonix), Diptherius (Rival to Anthraxus for Oinoloth title), Taba, Typhus ("The Idiot Savant"), and Xenghara.


Also known as Arcanoloths



Demon Lords

Orcus (Prince of the Undead) - Obese bat-winged goat w. sceptre

Demogorgon (Prince of Demons) - lizard w. two snake-necks bearing baboon faces

Oinodaemons (Anthraxus)


See also Vampires

Lesser Devils

Barbed Devil (Hamatula, Spinagon)

Bearded Devil (Barbazu)

Bone Devil (Osyluth)





Greater Devils

Horned Devil (Cornugon)

Ice Devil (Gelugon)

Pit Fiend

Lesser Demons





Manes (Sub-Demon)

Succubi - seductive bat-winged females with tails

See also Vampires

Demon Dragons: Dragonlike bodies w. undragonlike heads

See: Demon section.

Demon Idols

Devil Dogs

See also Cerberus for triple-headed hell hounds.

Unsorted Demons

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