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Search Keywords (Done):elemental, golem, scarecrow

Search Keywords (Pending):construct, weather, air, earth, fire, water, iron, flesh, crystal, wind, dust devil, pumpkinhead, pumpkin-headed.

Cautions: The collection is sorted not by name, but by unpainted visual appearance, in this case, that of inorganic but apparently sentient and animated entities with the defining minor modifications given under the section titles. Since this collection may exceed the page length limit, links will be provided for each category as they become overlarge. Also, the collection cannot be expected to be kept up to date, as it is not the main purpose of this wiki to indulge the viewer with these special galleries; hence, a proper search should ensue if your figure cannot be quickly identified from this gallery.

To find the identity of the figure: Simply click on the thumbnail, then, on the page with the pic, scroll down to see what links to that pic and follow the links.

Editors: Please observe the rules and requests at the top of the edit page.

Sculptors: Take note what categories seem neglected!

Collectors: Enjoy the eye candy!


Air/Wind Elementals

Air Elementals (Swirling types)

Wind Elementals (Blowing types)

Earth Elementals & Golems

Dirt Elementals & Golems (non-drippy)

Mud & Clay Elementals & Golems (drippy)

Sand Elementals & Golems

Crystal Elementals & Golems

Metal Elementals & Golems

Stone & Rock Elementals & Golems

Lava or Magma Elementals & Golems

Obsidian or Glass Elementals & Golems

Pyroclastic Ash Elementals

Fire Elementals

(Search also for pillars of fire, salamanders, dragons)

Lightning or Fulgarite Elementals & Golems

Flesh Golems

See also Frankenstein's Monster.

Bone Golems

Carrion Golems

Plasma Elementals

Water/Ice Elementals

Water Elementals

Geyser Elementals (Explosive Steam & Water "Pillars")

Steam/Fog/Cloud Elementals

(See also the Blowing Air and Plasma Elementals above.)

Ice Elementals

(See also Crystal Elementals & Golems above.)

Snow Elementals

(See also Crystal Elementals & Golems above.)

Wax Elementals & Golems

(See also the Plasma Elementals.)

Wood/Paper Elementals & Golems


Sack-headed Scarecrows

Pumpkinheaded Scarecrows

Unsorted Scarecrows

Misc. Elementals & Golems (Unsorted)

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