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Just add PCs, and stir!
Paizo's Compleat Encounters are scanarios scaled for characters of different levels. Included are NPCs and additional rules for OGL D20. Each set has double-sided tiles for use with miniatures. Three miniatures are included with each pack.
Sculptor: Dennis Mize

PZO2000 Dark Elf Sanctum

Stop the scantily-clad Dark Elf hottie from bringing Nasty Things out of a scary portal from Very Bad Places.

PZO2001 Death Shrine of the Ninja Cult

The Ninja Cult has gone too far this time, and must be stopped.

PZO2002 Vault of the Whispering Tyrant

Reasons why a warlord's death should end his reign.

PZO2003 Throne of the Gorilla King

Deep in the jungle, the Silverback King rules with an iron fist.

PZO2004 Liberation of Prince Thorgrim

One of many possible causes of the entire dwarf/elf animosity.
Bonus: weight-enhanced mentally-challenged jailer!

PZO2005 Terror in the Chamber of Pain

When Clerics turn bad, it often isn't pretty.

PZO2006 Grove of the Mad Druid

Granola gone crackers.

These miniatures are renamed and also listed under Pathfinder Chronicles

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