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-<div class="navwidth">+[[image:TSR-Logo.jpg|TSR]]|
-<div class="toc-style-1">__TOC__</div>+{{clink|TSR}} produced, or re-released this [[Gamma World (TSR)|Gamma World]] under their ''Classics'' line.|__TOC__|4 toc-style-2}}
- +
-<div style="clear:both;"/>+
===5502 Pure Strain Humans<span id="5502"/>=== ===5502 Pure Strain Humans<span id="5502"/>===
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image:TSR-Classics-5511c.jpg|<center> image:TSR-Classics-5511c.jpg|<center>
</gallery> </gallery>
 +* [[Gamma World|&#91;1&#93;]], LMW ''Gamma World Overview Page''
<br> <br>
[[Category:TSR]] [[Category:TSR]]

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5502 Pure Strain Humans

5505 Mutants / Aliens

5508 Androids

5511 Cyborgs


  • [1], LMW Gamma World Overview Page

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