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(Notable Sculpts)
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image:Citadel-0523-4-U.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Head<br>{{smg|(front)}} image:Citadel-0523-4-U.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Head<br>{{smg|(front)}}
image:Citadel-0523-4-U2.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Head<br>{{smg|(back)}} image:Citadel-0523-4-U2.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Head<br>{{smg|(back)}}
-image:Citadel-0523-1-U.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Body+image:Citadel-0523-1-U.jpg|<centeR>0523<br>Nagash Body
-image:Citadel-0523-3-U.jpg|<centeR>0523 Unreleased<br>Nagash Torso+image:Citadel-0523-3-U.jpg|<centeR>0523<br>Nagash Torso
</gallery> </gallery>
<br> <br>

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Gary Morley has been sculpting for over 37 years and joined Games Workshop in 1992. After nearly 15 years Gary became a freelance sculptor.

Has Sculpted For

Notable Sculpts

The images below are of the original sculpt for Nagash that wasn’t released. Images courtesy of Gary Morley (used by permission).


  • [1], LinkedIn, Gary Morley
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