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Page Number Description Related Miniatures/Game
6Dwarf Lords of Legends, John BlancheBC3 Dwarf Lords of Legend
11Blood Bath at Orcs Drift gameBlood Bath At Orc's Drift
15Warrior Knights Game
17Cosmic Encounter Game
21Judge Dredd GameJudge Dredd (Citadel)
25Revenge of the Lichemaster, John Blanche - ArtworkVengeance Of The Lichemaster
26-27Dungeon Floor Plans - Advert
28Chronicle Orcs - ArtworkChronicle Orcs
29Psychostyrene Dwarves, John Blanche - ArtworkPsychostyrene Dwarfs
29Drastic Plastik Orcs, John Blanche - ArtworkDrastic Plastik Orcs
37Midgath, Lady McDeath and Dart of Harkness, John Blanche - ArtworkThe Tragedy Of McDeath
70Paint Set 1, John Blanche - Artwork
90Monster Paints, John Blanche - Artwork
93The Warlock, John Blanche - ArtworkLE15 The Warlock
100Zombie Dragon, John Blanche - ArtworkDRAG1 Zombie Dragon
120Gothic Amazon, John Blanche - ArtworkLE15 The Amazon

Catalogued Miniatures

Due to the number of miniatures catalogued refer to Catalogue section. The catalogue pages covered several ranges from the Citadel’s ‘C’ Series along with a few from other ranges available at the time.

Concept / Design Sketches

The book also contained several pages that were described as concept or design drawings. Some of these are clearly identifiable as ranges that were in production like the Runequest Broo but others are not easily identifiable.

Photographed Miniatures

Due to the number of miniatures photographed refer to Photographs section. The photography is not the greatest with a lot of the images being too dark (mainly due to the choice of a black background) but they are extensive.


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