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Search Synonyms (Done):cleric, priest, priestess, bishop, exorcist, pope, rabbi, vicar, father, friar, mother, monk, sister, cardinal, fakir, brother, evangelist, minister, crucifer, paladin, ronin, parson, voodoo, nun (Google Advanced Search).

Impending Search Synonyms:Buddhist, KKK, hooded, clansman, cultist, sacrifice/sacrificial, virgin, fanatic, clergy, shaman, hermit, Shaolin

Cautions: The collection is sorted not by name, but by unpainted visual appearance, in this case, that of humans (almost or at 1 inch in imagined standing height to top of head) with the defining minor modifications given under the section titles. These figures will be grouped by functionality as defined by the objects or clothing that they are using. So what you might know as a "druid with staff" may be listed under the monk heading if the figure is robed and not carrying a scythe. We do not make any judgement calls on whether a cleric is good or evil here, as even if they are supposedly followers of a "good" religion, they can still be evil, and this is not always apparent by appearances of the sculpt, despite the actual name of the figure. Ignoring the actual name also allows for multiple uses of a figure (an un-crossed "Monk" can be used for an evil Cthulhian cultist and KKK clansmen, though not primarily a religious sect, can be used for priests or inquisitors). Slightly smaller-than-human-sized figures actually named elves Tall Elves collection and these figures may be erroneously assumed to be human, especially if the pointed ears are not showing. For a figure that is particularly ugly, try looking in the Half-Orcs gallery. Since this collection may exceed the page length limit, links will be provided for each category as they become overlarge. Also, the collection cannot be expected to be kept up to date, as it is not the main purpose of this wiki to indulge the viewer with these special galleries; hence, a proper search should ensue if your figure cannot be quickly identified from this gallery.

To find the identity of the figure: Simply click on the thumbnail, then, on the page with the pic, scroll down to see what links to that pic and follow the links.

Editors: Please observe the rules and requests at the top of the edit page.

Sculptors: Take note what categories seem neglected!

Collectors: Enjoy the eye candy!


Unarmored Clerics

Egyptian Priests & Priestesses (look for ankhs, serpents, and eye-makeup)

Buddhist Monks - Oriental-styled, shaved bald, may be armed, often pants instead of robes


This will be moved to a more appropriate fighter section in time.

Hindi Clerics & Fakirs (look for turbans)

Voodoo Cultists

Rabbis - bearded, w. kappa or Jewish-styled outdoor hat, Star of David

Unarmored Christian Priests, Bishops & Popes (look for the crosses)

Christian Monks - Hoods don't hide faces (look for the crosses)

This is the default gallery for all "Monks."

Choristers & Servers

Monks w. Staves or Quarterstaves

Undead Robed Monks or Priests

See also Wraiths, Revenants and Liches

Robed & Hooded Cultists - Hoods that hide faces

Non-Pointed Hoods

Pointed Hoods - like the KKK

Priestesses & Female Sacrificials

For armored clerics, see the first section above.


Priestesses - obviously empowered

Female Pilgrims & Robed Followers - not empowered, but free

Sacrificials - obviously not empowered and not free

Robed Witches

See Human Seers, Wizards & Witches.

Male Sacrificials

Not all virgins are female.

Paladins & Other Armored Clerics (no gender segregation)

Clerics w. Maces

Clerics w. Swords

Clerics w. Morningstars or Balls on Chains

Clerics w. Flails

Clerics w. Axes

Clerics w. Other Weapons

This is the catch-all category for unsorted armored clerics.

Unsorted Clerics

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