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John Ambler Greenwood (1893 - 1971) was the founder of Greenwood & Ball and served in the Manchester Regiment during World War I and Captain in the Home Guard during WWII.

Between the wars he became a commercial traveller (salesman) and in1936 he met Kathleen Ball, daughter of an owner of a shop in Spring Village, Horsehay, where he was staying. They were playing chess and John thought he would improve the playing pieces and what started as a hobby became a business with John sculpting the figures and Kathleen, along with four other girls (Mss. Eleanor Clay, Brenda Yarnaid, Jean Abell, and Cynthia Booth), painting them.

John was a founder member of the British Model Soldier Society and was well known for his dioramas including one depicting the battle of Crecy for West Point military academy in America, and several for the King Charles Tower on the walls of Chester depicting the Civil War.

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