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7501 Fellowship of the Ring

Sculptors: Andrew Chernak, John Dennett

7502 Sauron's Dark Ones

Sculptors: John Dennett, Andrew Chernak

  • A few of these figures from the 7502 set are in production from Perth Pewter. The ME20 Orc Captain is Perth Pewter's 'G53 Black Orc'. Gollum is 'G51 Gollum'. There are only two other products in their catalog with this style of 'G' product codes; 'G06 Wraith with Sword' and 'G07 Wraith with Mace'. Their website does not have photos for these last two, but assuming that they are also from this range then they would probably be conversions of the ME13 wraith.
  • Also sold under the code ME2

7503 Shelob's Lair

Sculptors: Andrew Chernak, John Dennett

7504 Hillmen of Trollshaws

Sculptor: Andrew Chernak

  • Also sold under the code ME4

7505 Isengard

Sculptor: Andrew Chernak

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