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The purpose of this page is to set out the rules and conventions, which our members are expected to follow.

Adhering to a few simple guidelines when contributing, will make it easier for everyone to use this site and to appreciate your efforts.

Creating a New Page

When creating a new page it is important to give the page a descriptive and unique title. If, for instance, you are creating a page for Grenadier’s Monster Manuscripts range, use the whole title "Monster Manuscripts". A title Like "MM" or "Monster M" may not be helpful to other members who are looking for your new page and the page won’t be well placed by the various Web Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Linking a New Page

After you have created your new page, you will need to link it to the correct category, so other people can find your page on the site. All the pages on Lost Minis Wiki are linked using the [[Category:NAME]] function where NAME is replaced with the name of the Category you want your page to show up in. To work correctly the Category function must be placed on the very bottom line of the page. Please be aware that Category names ARE case sensitive and that a page will only link to an already existing Category. Categories which link to the main page can only be created by Admin or a Sysops.

Creating a Gallery

To create a space for your image to go into you need first to create a gallery. This is done by enclosing your file name and details within the gallery function like this
image:manufacturer-range-code.jpg|<center>FM21 Wizard

File Names

When creating file names it is extremely important that your new file name is unique. If you create a file name that has already been used by another image, these images will conflict and show up in both slots, probably without anyone noticing for some time. A file name which includes the manufacturers name or range name is far more likely to be picked up by a search engine and show up on the web.

The correct practice for file naming is as follows: First enter the Manufacturers name like, asgard, grenadier, partha, heritage etc followed by a single "-" Then the range name, such as "dwellers" for Heritage’s Dungeon Dwellers range or "mystical" for Minifig’s Mystical Earth range, again this is followed by a single "-" Then enter the product code like "fm21" or "2001" etc and finally end the file name with ".jpg" Don’t forget the to put a period "." before jpg so it is treated as an image file by the wikimedia system. So you should end up with a file name which looks something like this


This is now placed within the wiki code as follows:


Where "image:" tells the wiki system to expect an image file. "manufacturer-range-code.jpg" is the file name. Anything which follows the "|" symbol will show up as text under the image. <center> will center the text under the image and <br> will make a line break between FM21 and Wizard like this


Finally, a single image name should be used for figures that were released in more than one blister, box, or set, though it has to be the exact same figure, with no variations. The file name should reflect the first original product name/code. This way, the same pic will show in all galleries to which that figure belongs.

For example, in the Grenadier Nightmares range, the preferred names should be from the Grenadier CoC and Fantasy Lords sets since they predate the Nightmares range itself. Ideally, the only figures with the nightmares nm file names would those that were unique to the nightmares range. So for Tomb Of Spells, the file name would use the Wizzaards and Warriors name.

Uploading Images

When uploading images there are a few things to consider. Most importantly your image should be .jpg format. There are other format which can be uploaded but .jpg is preferred.

The type of image we are looking for is a clear close up of an unpainted mini. If you have a painted image, by all means please upload it. However any image you upload may get overwritten at a later time.

Although some miniatures are large and a good sized photo is needed to represent them, please try to keep your image files to a reasonable size. Web space isn't cheap and oversized files will need to be downsized by admin if and when they are noticed. This will result in your "Meta Data" being lost which means you will no longer be credited as the uploader of the file/s. To be sure try to keep your image files below 600x600 pixels. If you have access to an image editor, cut out any excess area around the miniature, this will enable you to show a larger image while keeping the file size down.

Admin will determine which images best represent any given miniature and may reinstate a previous image if it is considered to be a higher quality. A very high quality image may be set to "protect" to prevent any further uploads overwriting that file.

Fairness to all

Please be considerate when deciding whether you should overwrite someone else's image. First be sure your image is of superior quality to the one you are about to overwrite. If you are not sure or the difference is marginal, it may be better to leave the original one in place. After all, would you like it if one of your images were overwritten by something you felt was of the same quality or even inferior?

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