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Project Alchemy - An Oldhammer & Collecting Citadel miniatures charity project

Jon Boyce, Tony Mansfield, Steve Casey and others have been working over the last 6 months on a charity fundraiser.
They've collated a fantastic pool of 30 prizes, including unreleased figures, original artwork, studio resins and signed books.

Donors to the project automatically get entered into the prize draw, every 1 UK pound = 1 ticket.

All you need to do is check out the website and donate some cash and you could win some pretty amazing stuff.

Welcome to Lost Minis Wiki

Lost Minis Wiki is a non-profit site dedicated to identifying, photographing and documenting fantasy miniatures. We currently list figures from over 200 different manufacturers, old and new. If you have a miniature and you don’t know what it is, you’ll likely find it here at Lost Minis Wiki.

Anyone is welcome to browse through our site, but if you want to post pictures of your own miniatures or add any missing details, you'll first need to become a member. New membership can be attained by using our Contact Form.

Editors please read notice regarding File Sizes at Images.

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