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Emergency Services

Religious & Rabble

  • Most of these sets are sold as groups of 5 "assorted" figures.
  • RR4, RR5 & RR6 could have more than the types listed.
  • RR7 & RR8: unknown how many in these sets.
  • RR10 (02) Page is the same as S1 (09) Squire 2 but with a square base?

Corrective Punishment

Les Girls

  • Various ladies in states of undress, designed by Sophie Gaute.

Set Pieces

S1 The Joust

  • Figure names are LMW specific.
  • This set was redesigned at some point with the Knight's Tents and the Dais changing.

S2 The Battlement

  • Figure names are LMW specific.

S3 The Mongol Camp

  • Figure names are LMW specific.

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