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{{M-logo|Mithril-Logo.jpg|Mithril Miniatures}} {{M-logo|Mithril-Logo.jpg|Mithril Miniatures}}
<div class="navwidth"> <div class="navwidth">
-__NOTOC__+<div class="toc-style-1 toc-style-2">__TOC__</div>
-===Mithril Fellowship Christmas Figure 1992===+===About===
 +This figure is an alternative version of the [[Mithril Christmas figure 1992 (Galadriel)]] but it was not itself marketed as a ''Christmas'' figure. It was initially offered exclusively to the Mithril Fellowship and was announced in ''Tengwar No3''&nbsp;[[#References|&#91;1&#93;]] where is was listed as ''"Special Fellowship Figure Collection: Number 3."'' It differs from the original 54mm figure in a number of points, the most obvious being a round base instead of a hexagonal one. This version is still in production and available from Mithril.<br>
 +<div style="clear:both;"/>
 +===MA1 Galadriel<span id="MA1"/>===
<gallery> <gallery>
image:mithril-MA1.jpg|<center>MA1<br>Galadriel<br>{{smg|(54mm)}} image:mithril-MA1.jpg|<center>MA1<br>Galadriel<br>{{smg|(54mm)}}
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image:mithril-MA1d.jpg|<center>MA1<br>Galadriel<br>{{smg|(new Blue Box)}} image:mithril-MA1d.jpg|<center>MA1<br>Galadriel<br>{{smg|(new Blue Box)}}
</gallery> </gallery>
-* This ''Special Edition'' 54mm figure is still in production.+<br>
 +* {{elink||&#91;1&#93;}},, ''"Tengwar No3"'' (1993) - (pdf download)
 +* {{elink|1=|2=&#91;2&#93;}}, Mithril Faerylands, ''"MA1 : Galadriel"''
<br> <br>
[[Category:Mithril Special Editions]] [[Category:Mithril Special Editions]]
-[[Category:Christmas figures]] 
-[[Category:Christmas figures 54mm]] 

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