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Sculptors: John Dennett, Andrew Chernak, William Watt, Nick Lund

Monster Manuscript

1501 Volume 1   (A-B)
1502 Volume 2   (C-D)
1503 Volume 3   (E-F)
1504 Volume 4   (G-H)
1505 Volume 5   (I-J-K)
1506 Volume 6   (L-M)

1507 Volume 7    (N-O)
1508 Volume 8    (P-Q)
1509 Volume 9    (R-S)
1510 Volume 10   (T-U)
1511 Volume 11   (V-W)
1512 Volume 12   (X-Y-Z)

1501 Monster Manuscript Vol.I

Sculptor: John Dennett

1502 Monster Manuscript Vol.II

Sculptor: John Dennett

1503 Monster Manuscript Vol.III

Sculptor: John Dennett

1504 Monster Manuscript Vol.IV

Sculptor: John Dennett

1505 Monster Manuscript Vol.V

Sculptor: John Dennett

1506 Monster Manuscript Vol.VI

Sculptor: John Dennett

1507 Monster Manuscript Vol.VII

Sculptor: John Dennett

1508 Monster Manuscript Vol.VIII

Sculptor: John Dennett

1509 Monster Manuscript Vol.IX

Sculptors: John Dennett, Andrew Chernak

  • John Dennett's three figures here were the last he made for Grenadier.

1510 Monster Manuscript Vol.X

Sculptors: Andrew Chernak, Nick Lund

1511 Monster Manuscript Vol.XI

Sculptors: Andrew Chernak, William Watt

1512 Monster Manuscript Vol.XII

Sculptors: Andrew Chernak, William Watt

Monster Manuscript Book

Monster Manuscript Book
Monster Manuscript Book

This book was given out for free with the purchase of the first Monster Manuscript set. It contains descriptions and D&D style statistics for all of the creatures in all 12 sets.

Written by Don Wellman. John Dennett created the look for all of the creatures based on basic preliminary descriptions and did all of the illustrations in the book which in turn were used as the basis for the design of the sculpted figures. Cover art by Ray Rubin.

The book was also mailed to subscribers of The Grendier Bulletin as part of issue #17.

A scanned version of the book can be found here in the files section of the Grenadier Miniatures Yahoo group.

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