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Citadel’s C18 Night Horrors line was a non-human 25-28mm scale metal figure line designed or imported from their fantasy lines (hence, the multiple product codes and names for many) for the Call of Cthulhu licence (which Grenadier won). Outside of the Fishman and the Slime, there really aren’t any truly Lovecraftian horrors here; they are classic fantasy fare. Citadel’s would-be Call of Cthulhu humans were much more useful for the game period and were released under the CC1 Gothic Horror line.

Note: Figures marked with * might not be part of this line, but they are from the same Ethereals line as most of the established Night Horrors that are not so marked, and so are highly suspect.


List by Product Code

Sorted by product code for a temporal list (which may not be complete).

07453 Series

07454 Series

1304 Series

1305 Series

Topical Listing

The following categories are our own.

Demons & Devils


Ghouls & Golems


This was the name for the original Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb game piece.


Skeletons, Liches & Graves



Weres & Fishman (Deep One)

Wights & Wraiths



Unnamed (TBA)


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