Personalities (DragonTooth)

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P1 Wizard, Woodsman & Dwarf King

P2 Goblin Captains

P3 Pegasi (Winged Horses)

P4 Hippogriff & Unicorn

P5 Saurian Captains & Champions

P6 Superhero & Superheroine

P7 Dungeon Feast

  • Subtitled: Ghoulish Dungeon Denizens Devouring a Dead Knight

P7 Adventurer or Thief

  • A variant P7.

P8 High Elven Hero King

P9 Rogue or Thief

P10 Sorcerer

P11 Swordswoman

  • Full title: Swordswoman w. Sword & Spear

P12 Rictus, the Zombie King

P13 Swordsman Kane

  • Full title: Swordsman Kane in Scale Armour

P14 Sorceress

P15 Cleric in Mitred Helm

P16 Fool or Jester

P17 Bard or Harpist

P18 Swordsman Roland

  • Full title: Swordsman Roland w. Shield & Scale Armour

P19 Elfin Enchanter

  • Full title: Elfin Enchanter, Enchanting

P20 Female Thief or Rogue

  • Full title: Female Thief or Rogue, Caped and Thieving

P21 Silent Stalker

  • Full title: Silent Stalker, Stalking

P22 Gladius, Roman Hero

  • Full title: Gladius, Hero in Roman Armour

P23 Barbarian Hero

  • Full title: Barbarian Hero Wearing Vulture Helmet

P24 Rachir, the Red Archer

  • Full title: Rachir, the Red Archer Ranger/Fighter

P25 High Elfin Warrior Maiden

P26 Gundar the Barbarian

  • Full title: Gundar the Barbarian w. Axe & Shield

P27 Subotai the Mongol

P28 Swashbuckler Swordsman

P29 Dwarf Adventurer or Thief

P30 Masked Magician

P31 Shaman Casting Spells & Pseudo Dragon

  • Full title: Shaman Casting Spells & Pseudo Dragon

P32 Brunhilda the Barbarian

  • Full title: Brunhilda, Barbarian Warrior Maiden

P33 Ali-Baba

  • Full title: Ali-Baba, Arabian Type Fighter

P34 Female Ranger w. Bow

P35 Witch or Hag w. Broomstick

  • Full title: Witch or Hag w. Broomstick

P36 Paladin w. Lance & Sword

P37 Halfling Adventurer Thief

P38 Halfling Female Adventurer

  • Full title: Halfling Female Adventurer or Thief

P39 Fighter w. Spear & Sword

P40 Female Dwarf Adventurer

  • Full title: Female Dwarf Adventurer or Thief

P41 Halfling Magician

P42 Elfin Thief, or Adventurer

P43 Celtic Wizard

P44 Bullrider, A superhero

P45 Wing Chu, Chinese Fighter

P46 Sword & Dagger Fighter

P47 Swordswoman or Thief

P48 Celtic Warrior Prince

P49 Dwarf Fighter, Axe & Helmet

P50 Dwarf Warrior in Chain mail

P51 Persian on Camel

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