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Peter first began wargaming in 1963 following an accident. He was well known in historical wargaming circles and helped found Hinchliffe Models with Frank Hinchliffe. He was the technical advisor (war games models) for the Edward Woodward film Callan and also provided all the miniatures and terrain for the Tyne Tees 1977 TV show Battleground. In the show he played against John Braithwaite fighting the Battle of Waterloo (1815).

In the early eighties Peter took a break of a few years from sculpting setting up the Wargames Holiday Centre in Thornton-le-Dale. Later he would move the centre to Folkton.

Around 1982, with Stanley Gee and Duncan McFarlane (former Games Workshop manager and founder of Wargames Illustrated), Peter set up a publishing company to produce the Miniatures Wargames magazine with the first issue published February 1983. About a year after the first publication Peter set up Connoisseur Miniatures.

Peter died on the 25th November 1991 and following his death, 19th Century Miniatures bought Connoisseur Miniatures, which was sold to J & T Miniatures, and then to Bicorne Miniatures.

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