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Numerical Product Codes
Product Code Grenadier Category
000xGamma World Boxed Sets
1+Funny Fantasies
1+Fantasy Lords - Second Series
101+AD&D - Blister Packs
101+Fantasy Lords - First Series
101+Heavy Metal Dungeon
201+Call of Cthulhu Blister Packs
301+Fantasy Classics
301+Fantasy Classics (UK)
401+Twilight: 2000
401+Accessories (Fantasy Warriors)
440+Rank & File (Fantasy Warriors)
501+Shapes From the Dark Domain (500 Series)
501Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
502+Dark Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
701+Julie Guthrie 700 Series
801+Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities
901+Blister Packs (Fantasy Warriors)
906+Star Strike
1101+Andrew Chernak's Fantasy Personalities
1201+Future Warriors
1301+Future Warriors
1301+Shadowrun Blister Packs
1400Barbarian Giant
1401+Wood Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1404+Fighting Men (Fantasy Warriors)
1411+Barbarians (Fantasy Warriors)
1427+High Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1429Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
1432+Half-Orcs (Fantasy Warriors)
1452+Dark Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1439+Halflings (Fantasy Warriors)
1470Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
1501+Monster Manuscripts
1501+Future Warriors
1575Kill Zone - The Game for Future Warriors
1601+Battle Lords Box Sets
1701+Future Warriors
1901+Future Vehicles
1901+Silent Death
2001+AD&D - Small Figure Sets
2001+Dragon Lords - Fantasy Boxed Sets
2001+Frontier World
2101+The Dark City
2201+Pinnacle Products
2501+Fantasy Lords Dragon of the Month - Series One
2513+Fantasy Lords Dragon of the Month - Series Two
2525+Special Editions
2701Battle Giant
3001+Secret Agents
3001+Lost Lands
3005+Cyberpunk (Boxed Sets)
3101+Fantasy Legends
3201+Fantasy Classics (Giants)
3201+Sandy Garrity's Personalities "Apart"
3301+Colossal Lords
3401+Cyberpunk Blister Packs
3501+Dragon Lords - Giant's Club
3511+Special Editions Giants, Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
3901+Fantasy Legends Singles
4001+Grenadham Village
4101+Mark Copplestone’s Dungeon Adventurers
4201+Mark Copplestone’s Dungeon Monsters
4301+Mark Copplestone’s Monsters
4401Master Wizards
4501Amazon Realms
4701+Barbarian Outpost
4901+Special Subjects Box Sets
5000Fantasy Warriors - The Game
5001Fantasy Warriors Companion
5001+AD&D - Large Boxed Sets
5001+Dragon Lords - Fantasy Boxed Sets
5002+Plastic Figures (Fantasy Warriors)
5005+Introducing Adventure Gaming Sets
5009AD&D Diorama Figurine Set
5201Best of Mark Copplestone
5301Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
5302Amazons (Fantasy Warriors)
5350Miscellaneous (Fantasy Warriors)
540x54mm Range
5401+Miscellaneous (Fantasy Warriors)
5501+Masterpiece Editions
5601+Personalities (Fantasy Warriors)
5700Dragon Lords - The Game
5701+Dragon Lords
5701+Expansion Sets (Fantasy Warriors)
5901+Fantasy Warriors Plastic Action Sets
6001+Fantasy Lords - Box Sets
6501+Call of Cthulhu Boxed Sets
6503+D.C. Heroes
6701+Dragonlords Mini-Dragons
7001+Best of Julie Guthrie Boxed Collection
7101+Future Warriors
7201+Future Warriors - K-Force
7501+Lord of the Rings
7701+Amulets of Magic
7901+Future Warriors - Killer Bimbos
8001+AD&D Action Art Series
8003+Dragon Lords Action Art Series
8101+Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities II
8201+Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities Multipacks
8502+Battle Blisters
8801+Julie Guthrie's Box Set Collection
9001+Boris Vallejo Collectors Figures
9001+Battle Sets (Fantasy Warriors)
9101+Masters of the Universe (Pinnacle)
9201+Grand Pack Line (Fantasy Warriors)
9201+War Machines (Fantasy Warriors)
9301+Add-Ons (Fantasy Warriors)
9401+Armies (Fantasy Warriors)
9501+D.C. Heroes
9601+Dragon Lords Dragon of the Month II (Series 3)
9701+Shadowrun Boxed Sets
9801+Fantastic Females of an Ancient World
9901+Classic Dragons
9901+The Dark Crystal (Pinnacle)
9901+Julie Guthrie's Dragons
10001Future Warriors - K-Force
40210+Star Wars (West End Games)
40301+Star Wars (West End Games)
40421+Star Wars (West End Games)
40505+Star Wars (West End Games)
50545+Star Wars (West End Games)
51001+Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
51011+Amazons (Fantasy Warriors)
51015+Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
51023Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
51024+Hobgoblins (Fantasy Warriors)
51027+Horse Raiders (Fantasy Warriors)
51031+Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
87003Space Rangers
410401+Star Wars (West End Games)
Alphabetical Prefix
Product Code Grenadier Category
(no code)Christmas Specials
(no code)John Carter, Warlord of Mars
(no code)Limited Release Gold Plated
AxxAncient Armies
BBxBunnies & Burrows
BGxxFantasy Warriors (Fantasy Forge)
CxxWestern Gunfighters
DAxxDungeon Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
DBxxDungeon Floors & Stairs (Fantasy Forge)
DGxxDoors & Gates (Fantasy Forge)
FAxxFantasy Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
FTxxFantasy Scenery (Fantasy Forge)
FWxBlister Packs (Fantasy Warriors)
GxxGamma World Blister Packs
GMxGrenadier Acrylic Paint
LMxLate Medieval
ITxxInterior Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
PCxPaint Sets
PCxxPillars & Columns (Fantasy Forge)
SxxStar Soldiers
SCxxCavern Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
Special #xWizzards and Warriors Specials
SRxSnit's Revenge Blister Packs
SSxxSpace Squadrons 2998
SSxxWizzards and Warriors Special Sets
WSxDouble Blister Dioramic Sets (same as SSxx)
WxxWizzards & Warriors Blister Packs
WWxxWizzards & Warriors Large Boxed Sets

Table Conventions

  • Ax means a pattern with digits replacing each 'x' (e.g. Wxx and W1 or W10).
  • 1401+ means starting with 1401+ and rolling forwards (e.g. 1400 does not match but 1425 does).

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