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Numerical Product Codes
Product Code Grenadier Category
000xGamma World Boxed Sets
1+Funny Fantasies
1+Fantasy Lords - Second Series
101+AD&D - Blister Packs
101+Fantasy Lords - First Series
201+Call of Cthulhu Blister Packs
301+Fantasy Classics
401+Twilight: 2000
401+Accessories (Fantasy Warriors)
440+Rank & File (Fantasy Warriors)
501+Shapes From the Dark Domain (500 Series)
501Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
502+Dark Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
701+Julie Guthrie 700 Series
801+Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities
901+Blister Packs (Fantasy Warriors)
906+Star Strike
1101+Andrew Chernak's Fantasy Personalities
1201+Future Warriors
1301+Future Warriors
1301+Shadowrun Blister Packs
1400Barbarian Giant
1401+Wood Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1404+Fighting Men (Fantasy Warriors)
1411+Barbarians (Fantasy Warriors)
1427+High Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1429Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
1432+Half-Orcs (Fantasy Warriors)
1452+Dark Elves (Fantasy Warriors)
1439+Halflings (Fantasy Warriors)
1470Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
1501+Monster Manuscripts
1501+Future Warriors
1575Kill Zone - The Game for Future Warriors
1601+Battle Lords Box Sets
1701+Future Warriors
1901+Future Vehicles
2001+AD&D - Small Figure Sets
2001+Dragon Lords - Fantasy Boxed Sets
2001+Frontier World
2101+The Dark City
2201+Pinnacle Products
2501+Fantasy Lords Dragon of the Month - Series One
2513+Fantasy Lords Dragon of the Month - Series Two
2525+Special Editions
2701Battle Giant
3001+Secret Agents
3001+Lost Lands
3005+Cyberpunk (Boxed Sets)
3101+Fantasy Legends
3201+Sandy Garrity's Personalities "Apart"
3301+Colossal Lords
3401+Cyberpunk Blister Packs
3501+Dragon Lords - Giant's Club
3511+Special Editions Giants, Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
4001+Grendam Village
4401+Master Wizards
4501Amazon Realms
4701+Fantasy Encampments
4901+Special Subjects Box Sets
5000Fantasy Warriors - The Game
5001Fantasy Warriors Companion
5001+AD&D - Large Boxed Sets
5001+Dragon Lords - Fantasy Boxed Sets
5002+Plastic Figures (Fantasy Warriors)
5005+Introducing Adventure Gaming Sets
5009AD&D Diorama Figurine Set
5301Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
5302Amazons (Fantasy Warriors)
5350Miscellaneous (Fantasy Warriors)
540x54mm Range
5401+Miscellaneous (Fantasy Warriors)
5501+Masterpiece Editions
5601+Personalities (Fantasy Warriors)
5700Dragon Lords - The Game
5701+Dragon Lords
5901+Fantasy Warriors Plastic Action Sets
6001+Fantasy Lords - Box Sets
6501+Call of Cthulhu Boxed Sets
6503+D.C. Heroes
7001+Best of Julie Guthrie Boxed Collection
7101+Future Warriors
7201+Future Warriors - K-Force
7501+Lord of the Rings
7701+Amulets of Magic
7901+Future Warriors - Killer Bimbos
8001+AD&D Action Art Series
8003+Dragon Lords Action Art Series
8101+Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities II
8502+Battle Blisters
8801+Julie Guthrie's Box Set Collection
9001+Boris Vallejo Collectors Figures
9001+Battle Sets (Fantasy Warriors)
9101+Masters of the Universe (Pinnacle)
9201+Grand Pack Line (Fantasy Warriors)
9501+D.C. Heroes
9601+Dragon Lords Dragon of the Month II (Series 3)
9701+Shadowrun Boxed Sets
9801+Fantastic Females of an Ancient World
9901+Classic Dragons
9901+The Dark Crystal (Pinnacle)
9901+Julie Guthrie's Dragons
10001Future Warriors - K-Force
40210+Star Wars (West End Games)
40301+Star Wars (West End Games)
40421+Star Wars (West End Games)
40505+Star Wars (West End Games)
50545+Star Wars (West End Games)
51001+Undead (Fantasy Warriors)
51011+Amazons (Fantasy Warriors)
51015+Giants (Fantasy Warriors)
51023Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
51024+Hobgoblins (Fantasy Warriors)
51027+Horse Raiders (Fantasy Warriors)
51031+Goblins (Fantasy Warriors)
87003Space Rangers
410401+Star Wars (West End Games)
Alphabetical Prefix
Product Code Grenadier Category
(no code)Christmas Specials
(no code)John Carter, Warlord of Mars
(no code)Limited Release Gold Plated
AxxAncient Armies
BBxBunnies & Burrows
BGxxFantasy Warriors (Fantasy Forge)
CxxWestern Gunfighters
DAxxDungeon Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
DBxxDungeon Floors & Stairs (Fantasy Forge)
DGxxDoors & Gates (Fantasy Forge)
FAxxFantasy Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
FTxxFantasy Scenery (Fantasy Forge)
FWxBlister Packs (Fantasy Warriors)
GxxGamma World Blister Packs
ITxxInterior Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
PCxxPillars & Columns (Fantasy Forge)
SxxStar Soldiers
SCxxCavern Accessories (Fantasy Forge)
Special #xWizzards and Warriors Specials
SRxSnit's Revenge Blister Packs
SSxxSpace Squadrons 2998
SSxxWizzards and Warriors Special Sets
WSxDouble Blister Dioramic Sets (same as SSxx)
WxxWizzards & Warriors Blister Packs
WWxxWizzards & Warriors Large Boxed Sets

Table Conventions

  • Ax means a pattern with digits replacing each 'x' (e.g. Wxx and W1 or W10).
  • 1401+ means starting with 1401+ and rolling forwards (e.g. 1400 does not match but 1425 does).

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