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Standard Numerical Product Codes (1981+)
Product Code Ral Partha Category
01-0xxPersonalities and Things that go Bump in the Night
01-0xxHeroes and Horrors (FASA)
01-1xxPersonalities and Things that go Bump in the Night
01-1xxHeroes and Horrors (FASA)
01-162+Personalities (Dennis Mize Extension)
01-201+Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night
01-247+Bases (Ral Partha)
01-301+Personalities (Citadel Crossovers)
01-315+3-Stage Player Characters
01-4xx10th Anniversary Sets (Ral Partha)
01-4xxMounted Heroes
01-5xxLimited Edition Box Sets (Ral Partha)
01-50210th Anniversary Sets (Ral Partha)
01-504AD&D Dragonlance
01-6xxMasters of Chaos
02-0xxFantasy Collector Series
02-0xxFantasy Armies (Ral Partha)
02-0xxFantasy Armies (FASA)
02-1xxFantasy Collector Series
02-1xxFantasy Armies (Ral Partha)
02-1xxFantasy Armies (FASA)
02-16xEngines of War
02-2xxPlayer Characters
02-2xxFantasy Armies (FASA)
02-3xxPlayer Characters
02-4xxMonsters (Ral Partha)
02-5xxEncounters of the Imagination
02-6xxPlayer Character Sets (Male & Female)
02-8xxLarry Elmore Collector Series
02-9xxAll Things Dark and Dangerous
03-xxxFantasy Adventurers (03)
03-xxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
04-xxxRoyal Armies of the Hyborean Age
04-1xxSpaghetti Western
04-3xxKung Fu Theater
05-xxxArmies of Myth and Legend (15mm)
06-xxxLegions of the Petal Throne
07-xxxGalactic Grenadiers
08-00xStar Warriors (15mm)
09-001Titans of Terror
10-10xMuseum Scale Series (FASA)
10-200The New Samurai
10-21xChaos Wars
10-22xChaos Wars
10-300+Best of Ral Partha Box Sets
10-308+Masterpiece Collection
10-31xLarry Elmore Box Sets
10-320Titans of Terror
10-35xRuneQuest (Ral Partha)
10-360+Dragon of the Month (Ral Partha)
10-40xRuneQuest (Ral Partha)
10-40xRal Partha Box Sets (FASA)
10-41xChaos Wars
10-41x10th Anniversary Sets (Ral Partha)
10-45xCollector Sets
10-46xSculptor's Row: Dragons by Design
10-5xxAD&D Box Sets
10-500+AD&D Dragonlance
10-51xAD&D Ravenloft
10-52xAD&D Planescape
10-52xAD&D Birthright
10-54xAD&D Dark Sun
10-55xAD&D Forgotten Realms
10-560+AD&D Battlesystem
10-6xxThe Sterling Collection
10-70xRal Partha Box Sets (FASA)
10-86xShadowrun (Ral Partha)
11-001+AD&D Adventurers
11-050+AD&D Forgotten Realms
11-050+AD&D Personalities
11-064+AD&D Dragonlance
11-1xxAD&D Ravenloft
11-401+AD&D Monsters
11-428AD&D Dragonlance
11-576+AD&D Council of Wyrms
11-600+AD&D Planescape
11-700+AD&D Dark Sun
11-7xxAD&D Birthright
11-850+AD&D Battlesystem
11-9xxAD&D Battlesystem (15mm)
12-xxxAll American Line
13-xxxChildren of the Night
14-xxxMiniatures of Aventuria (FASA)
15-xxxHistorical Army Core Packs
18-0xxRuneQuest (Ral Partha)
18-4xxRuneQuest (Ral Partha)
19-0xxRal Partha Remembered
20-xxx20th Century Plus
20-00xEarthdawn (Ral Partha)
20-5xxShadowrun (Ral Partha)
20-6xxRenegade Legion
20-9xxBattleTech MechWarrior
23-6xxWeird Fantasy
25-xxxArmy Core Packs
31-0xxFiend Factory (Ral Partha)
32-0xxFantasy Specials
33-xxxDwarves (Imports)
34-xxxOrcs (Ral Partha Imports)
35-xxxThe Hoplites
36-0xxLegion of the Damned (☞ Denizen import)
36-1xxSkeletons (Ral Partha Imports)
37-0xxThe New Samurai
39-xxxDenizen Fantastic Adventurers (☞ Denizen import)
42-xxx1200 A.D.
53-7xxSamurai (Ral Partha)
53-9xxBushido (Ral Partha)
54-xxxThe Condottieri
61-xxxFantasy Adventurers (61)
69-0xxWerewolf: The Apocalypse
69-20xVampire: The Masquerade
69-21xVampire: The Masquerade
69-30xMage: The Ascension
77-xxxPartha Paints
81-xxxDays of the Empire
88-xxxColonials (Ral Partha)
91-xxxCrucible (FASA)
92-xxxCrucible (FASA)
93-0xxOGRE (Ral Partha)
93-4xxSpace Knights
95-xxxLost Worlds (Ral Partha)
95-xxxCrucible (FASA)
96-xxxElfquest (Ral Partha)
96-xxxCrucible (FASA)
97-0xxDungeon Accessories (Ral Partha)
97-40xPartha Personalities
97-5xxWeapons (Ral Partha)
98-0xxThe Adventurers
99-xxxChaos Wars
99-00xGames (Ral Partha)
99-10xModelling Accessories
Other Numerical & Alphabetical Prefixes
Product Code Ral Partha Category
No codeCollectors Club
xxxxThe Hoplites
11xx1200 A.D.
1105First Quest (TSR)
12xx1200 A.D.
15xxThe Condottieri
ACxxxAmerican Civil War
AKxxxDesert Rats (import)
ANxxxThe Hoplites
AWxxxAmerican Civil War
CSxxFantasy Collector Series
D-xxDungeon Accessories (Ral Partha)
ExxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
ECxxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
EMxxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
EWxxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
ESxxPersonalities and Things that go Bump in the Night
FMMx*Fantasy Mysterious Miniatures (import)
GG-xxGalactic Grenadiers
HxxxRoyal Armies of the Hyborean Age
LBx*Tabletop's Laserburn (☞ TTG import)
MxLegions of the Petal Throne
N-xxxDays of the Empire 1803-1815
NA-xxxDays of the Empire 1803-1815
NHxxLegions of the Petal Throne
PxLegions of the Petal Throne
PP-xxxPartha Pewter
RF-xxxRank & File Figures
S-xxxxPartha Personalities
TxxLegions of the Petal Throne
WxxxWizards, Warriors and Warlocks
WxxWaterloo Collector Series
YxxLegions of the Petal Throne
Citadel / Ral Partha Crossovers
Product Code Ral Partha Category
ARxRoman Infantry (☞ Citadel import)
ARCxRoman Cavalry (☞ Citadel import)
ARExRoman Equipment (☞ Citadel import)
DAxDark Ages (☞ Citadel import)
FAxxFantasy Adventurers (FA)
FACxxMounted Fantasy Adventurers (FA) (☞ Citadel import)
FFxxFiend Factory (Ral Partha)
FSxxFantasy Specials
FTDxxFantasy Tribe Dwarves
FTFxxFantasy Tribe Fighters
FTFxxxFantasy Tribe Fighters
FTGxxxGoblins (☞ Citadel import)
FTNxxxGnomes (☞ Citadel import)
FTOxxxOrcs' (☞ Citadel import)
FTSxxSkeletons (Ral Partha Imports)
MxMedievals (☞ Citadel import)
SAMxSamurai (☞ Citadel import)
WFxxWeird Fantasy

Table Conventions

  • 01-xxx means a pattern with digits replacing each 'x' (e.g. 01-123 and 01-256).
  • 01-250+ means starting with 01-250 and rolling forwards (e.g. 01-123 does not match but 01-256 does).
  • Note that both conventions work for 01-256, so both categories are possible in this case.
  • Note that Ral Partha Historical product codes are listed only for completeness.
  • The codes used by Ral Partha for their Citadel Miniatures import lines are in their own table.
  • Only those Citadel series that Ral Partha added figures to are listed on the Ral Partha pages.

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