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-A line of various scaled miniatures approximately 1/24. These were released under the 'The Soldier Factory' which was Scruby's mail order and retail side.+<div class="navwidth">
 +{{ArticleMenu||Scruby Miniatures|__TOC__|QM-Blank}}
 +[[Scruby Miniatures]] produced this [[Scruby Fantasy 1/24]] range of various scaled miniatures (approximately 1/24). These were released under the ''"The Soldier Factory"'' which was Scruby's mail order and retail side of the business.
 +===The Middle Earth Series===
<gallery> <gallery>
image:Scruby-124-F1.jpg|<center>F-1<br>Gandalf<br>{{smgl|Phil Hauser}} image:Scruby-124-F1.jpg|<center>F-1<br>Gandalf<br>{{smgl|Phil Hauser}}
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image:Scruby-124-F22.jpg|<center>F-22<br>Bilbo with Book<br>{{smgl|Phil Hauser}} image:Scruby-124-F22.jpg|<center>F-22<br>Bilbo with Book<br>{{smgl|Phil Hauser}}
</gallery> </gallery>
 +* [[The Lord of the Rings|&#91;1&#93;]], LMW ''The Lord of the Rings Overview Page''
[[Category:Scruby Miniatures]] [[Category:Scruby Miniatures]]

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