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Historical Personages

Rune Stones & Monoliths

Ancient Relics

Grotesques and Gargoyles

What's the diff? Grotesques don't come to life; gargoyles do! From the standpoint of assessing a miniature though, the implication of movement is the only factor that helps. Thus, gargoyles can have weapons, whereas Grotesques wouldn't need them. Grotesques always serve the good side, whereas gargoyles could be on either the good side or the evil side. Since gargoyles are always winged in fantasy, they tend to look like devils or imps, so we've put them there. In short:

Winged Grotesques

See Grotesques

Non-winged Grotesques

Scan Devils & Demons for human-sized resting figures.

Gargoyles (winged)

Scan Gargoyles for possible weaponless figures.

Other Works of Art

For now, this is a catch-all category for 2D art. For pottery, see Containers or Tavern Supply.

Cemetary Monuments

See Cemetary Tombware.


See Summoning Stones and Steles

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