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Some notes:

  • In 2010 Cavalcade acquired Dragonblood Miniatures (here).
  • October 2013, Frothers thread about Cavalcade closing down (here).
  • At least as of June 2014 (though presumably the notice has been up there for quite a while), there is a notice here that Cavalcade is closed:
"Cavalcade has officially closed ..."
"The Dragonblood/ShadowSea molds have been purchased by Antimatter Games."
"The remaining molds will be going to a new home in the UK."
"Thank you for your 4 1/2 years of patronage and happy gaming!"
The UK company mentioned there is Forlorn Hope Games. now redirects to
  • December 2013. Forlorn Hope Games: Cavalcade Miniatures Now Available, (here).
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