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Why this Category?

This Citadel Ranges (1990-1991) category is based on the Section 1 (Blue) and Section 2 (Red) catalogs. These catalogs came out in 1991 but cataloged older 1980s models under a new product code scheme. Including them in the previous Citadel Ranges (1988-1989) category would be confusing. In many cases this is the last time these figures were cataloged so they also do not fit in with the next Section 3 (Green) catalog in 1992 which contained newer 1990s models. 1992 also saw the release of WFB version 4, so another way to look at this category is the final resting place of the WFB version 3 models. 40K version 2 didn't come out until 1994, so there is less justification for them but, again, the 40K models in here are really only 1980s models. - Cattwister 09:48, 24 August 2020 (BST)

Flamers of Tzeentch appeared in several publications (White Dwarf, Lost and the Damned, etc.) but were poorly recorded for the purposes of recording their existence I have allocated the code 3238 in keeping with rest of the chaos codings. Chaos Sorcerers and Chaos Champions had several codes, the main code has been used, so will need reviewing.--Dylanpig 23:40, 24 August 2020 (BST)

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