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Version 1 & Version 2 Figures

This is a note to explain why some figures have "v1" and "v2" filenames. Particularly the Skeletons. In the 2nd Blue catalog several Fantasy Tribes figures were marked with a "dot/disc" to denote that they had been "re-designed". Initially I took this to mean that the newer version was a different pose to the earlier one but now I realize that this was merely the start of Citadel's "variants": same pose, slightly different head etc. I'm correcting that for the Skeletons: there will now be one gallery cell for each code marked and it will be marked with a "variant" ribbon; further variants of that pose will be included on the the primary image page. There is no way to reliably tell which pose was first as not all codes were pictured. I think this is a better solution. - Cattwister 16:12, 22 June 2018 (UTC)

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