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TDD, I'm not sure if the 01-054 figure posted as 'Ghoul 3' was actually released under the personalities range. It was in the Witch's Cauldron game, along with a number of other figures that appear to be modified versions of ES/01 series figures (the mummy looks like a more refined version of the ES20 mummy, there is what looks to be a fancier version of the ES14 dracula, etc.) as far as I know these variants were not released in stand alone packs in the personalities range. No pictures on the wiki for the game sets yet, but reference:
Games (Ral Partha) &

That's the only boxed set I don't have - I'll try and chase the history of the 3 I picked up. In the UK we only got the single version so I was surprised to see the others as I have no reference to them....until now! Thanks TDD

Was that intentional to put some of the codes out of order, i.e. it now goes 004 -> 006 -> 005? That is confusing. - TheGrouch

I was keeping the 005's to the same line for ease of comparing them. I figured they're so close, how could anyone miss them? (I wouldn't have done it if they were out by more than a few numbers.) It seems to look better this way instead of popping in forced breaks in the gallery. --Mysticat 23:49, 3 May 2011 (CDT)

Currently we are showing 01-013 as being the figure actually sold as ES13 from the original '78 catalog. That would be fine except I have discovered another miniature labeled Ral Partha 01-013 "Winged Gargoyle". Example: ebay. I have this figure out of package and it took me ages to figure out that this is what's going on. What's really weird is that this figure is also part of 01-113 "Gargoyles (3)", so it may be that the 01-013 printed on the blister is an original Ral Partha misprint. --Leperflesh 07:13, 9 May 2012 (BST)

I have added a third variant of 01-028 "Gremlin War Party". I have this set out-of-package and found an entry for it in The Armory Buyer's Guide Vol. 1 issue 1 (1983). I labeled it as "v3" but I suspect this version predates the set currently marked "v2"; it has two figures identical to v1, and the figures in v3 seem to be better-detailed (and therefore later) sculpts. The dates on the bottom of my set are 1977 for "a" and "c", and 1979 for "b". --Leperflesh 02:29, 16 May 2012 (BST)

From the deleted "ES Series" page and related discussion page:

(RP Ad. Dragon 4, Dec. 1976 - 11, Dec. 1977) and was renamed "Personalities and Things that Go 'Bump' in the Night" in early 1978 (RP Ad. Dragon 12, Feb. 1978). The first figure of the series, "ES-01 Evil Wizard, casting spell" represented Ral-Partha a Dungeons & Dragons wizard created by his friend John "Ral" Winkler. John later became the company's chief caster. Meier's "ES-18 Adventuress" was introduced in December 1978 (RP Ad. Dragon #4) and is credited as the first female character for role-playing games (From the Fantasy Forge, Dragon Magazine #8, July 1977). The figures were first sold loose, but by 1977 they were packaged in blister packs on a black-printed white card. The 1979 Ral Partha catalog includes a series of box sets ES-201 through ES-212 which contained two to four figures with related themes. Additional sets were added the following year. Ral Partha replaced the descriptive codes with numeric ones in its 1980 catalog. "ES-xx" (presumably "Elf Specials") line was renamed 01-xxx, but preserved the original number if the model. Meier augmented the 01-xxx line throughout the 1980s, and the reader is directed to that part of the Lost Miniatures Wiki."

I wouldn't bother updating the images on this page, since I think that we should get rid of it. This page and the 'Personalities' page are documenting exactly the same figures (the Personalities page is a superset of the contents of this page) the only real difference being that this page uses the ES-xxx coding scheme and the other 01-xxx. I've been meaning to put some comments on the Personalities page for awhile explaining the ES vs. 01 coding and have been going to pull this page. I think having two pages confuses things.
Maybe put the ES code in small gray under the 01 number? -- SGR
That seems unecessary since the codes are always the same. i.e. ES01 == 01-001 etc. I think just an bit of commentary about the fact that the range was originally prefixed as ES and then was later switched to an 01 prefix would be sufficient. Similar situation in other ranges, the 13-xxx Children of the Night series was originally prefixed with 'CN' instead of '13', etc.
Dr Skull made an entry at the top of the ES page with some notes on the ES code change, it wouldn't need much alteration to just be copied over. Also some of the images on the ES page are superior and could be copied over.
I took a stab at explaining the ES vs. 01 codes situation. See notes at the bottom of the personalities page and see what you all think.

This has been reworked into the About section on this page. Recording the original here so I can delete the "ES Series" page. - Cattwister 13:19, 26 October 2016 (UTC)

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