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Winners List: Frothers Unite 1st Pro-Am Sculpting Competition 2004: Alice in Wonderland

Alice category:
1. Alice and the White Rabbit - Kevin White
2. Alice and the Cheshire Cat - Kevin White
3. Alice - Shane "The Tartan Spartan" Hoyle

Tea Party category:
1. Mad Hatter cringing in shocked outrage - Kai Teck "Fatgoblin" Ng
2. Mad Hatter - Ed Foster and Mad Hatter - Alex M
3. Doormouse in tea pot - Rob
3. Mad hatter upside down - Ben Pung

Royal Court category:
1. Ogre Queen - Brad Shier
2. The Queen - Shane "The Tartan Spartan" Hoyle
3. Captain of the Cards - Ming-Hua Kao

Other Characters category:
1. Hookah smoking caterpillar advises Alice - Bob Olley
2. The White Knight - Drew Williams
3. Don't mess with the White Rabbit - Ming-Hua Kao
3. Dancing Gryphon - Grant Jacobson

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