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FYI. I just stubled across this company I had never heard of before, Bluewater Miniatures ( and was surprised so see what appear to be TA-HR figures in their lineup. Now, I'm not familiar with the TA-HR figures to know what is what, but they at least have the fire elemental listed here on the wiki and the snake people shown on the site.

Here is more of a TA-HR connection with this Bluewater Miniatures. Gen Con 2008 notice from Relentless Publishing (, reads in part:

"Relentless Publishing has teamed up with Bluewater Miniatures to bring the world to the tabletop! The first run features Felinor and NelVan, along and some beasties you are sure to enjoy! Visit Brian Apple booth 2312 to see what Bluewater is up to!"
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