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I've done some digging on The Armory (a trading name for the Roy Lipman Organization, Inc.) and found this Trademark Registration. It appears that the trademark was registered 1986-01-21 and finally cancelled 2006-10-28. Probably trading before that without the trademark, and stopping before the trademark was cancelled/lapsed. I've also spotted on ebay an Asgard blister pack marked as "manufactured in England for The Armory" - so it looks like The Armory repackaged various miniature manufacturers products as "The Armory" for sale within the US - hence the anonymous PewterCraft series in "Armory" blisters where the PewterCraft name is entirely missing (not so in the case of Asgard). I also found this from Sep 1995 where The Armory and others filed a legal suit against Games Workshop for poaching customers and setting itself up as its own distributor in the US (i.e cutting The Armory out of the equation). It seems that The Armory was really *just* a distributor and not a manufacturer as I first thought when I found those anonymous PewterCraft blisters.--Cattwister 16:05, 10 June 2014 (BST)

This probably doesn't mean anything really in the context of these miniatures, and I don't know anything about the the relationship between Armory and PewterCraft, but worth noting that the Amory wasn't just a distributor per-se. They did produce a number of their own products in the gaming aid space. Dice, player character sheets, and the like. A few links:
Regarding Asgard, I think that there are a lot of Armory ads in Dragon magazine from the 80s which call out the fact that they were the distributor for Asgard in the US (North America?). --Thegrouch 03:14, 11 June 2014 (BST)
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