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COCO : A template for placing standardised attribution text onto an image page for one of our Commercial Contributors.

About: this template is intended for use on images for pictures that have been sourced from one of our Commercial Contributors (hence COCO). To use this template the entity being accredited on the image must be on our Commercial Contributors page. If they are not, you must contact them and ask permission. All this template does is place a standardised piece of text with a link to the CC page on it. There is a single parameter: the name of the source granting permission. Obviously, to be useful, that name must be also found on the CC page so you can see what permissions have been granted. In the majority of cases this is used only for company logos that we have permission to use on the wiki.




  1. NAME: defaults to "Contributor-Missing" and should be changed using this parameter.
  2. ID: (optional) jumps to the specific ID on the target page.


  • -


{{COCO|Miniatures Workshop}}

© Miniatures Workshop (image used by permission).

© Contributor-Missing (image used by permission).

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