The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

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====Mordor Host==== ====Mordor Host====
<gallery> <gallery>
 +image:JoeDeverCollection-BPF-01.jpg|Witch King on Nazgûl<br>{{smg|Ral Partha Wraith on Asgard Wyvern?}}
image:Minifigs-IRC68-01.jpg|Haradrim Cavalry<br>(60)<br>{{smg|[[Ancients (25mm) (Minifigs)#IR|IRC68<br>Parthian Cataphract]]}} image:Minifigs-IRC68-01.jpg|Haradrim Cavalry<br>(60)<br>{{smg|[[Ancients (25mm) (Minifigs)#IR|IRC68<br>Parthian Cataphract]]}}
</gallery> </gallery>

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The Battle of the Pelennor Fields appeared as a battle report by Joe Dever in White Dwarf 53. The article showed photographs of the battle as well as miniature recommendations for the armies. Joe Dever used some different figures from those he recommended and following research by Mike from Broadsword Miniatures U.K. the list and images have been compiled.


Recommended Miniatures

The Allies

Army of Gondor

The Rohirrim

Fellowship / Aragorn’s Troops

The Mordor Host

Army of the Witch King

Joe Dever’s Miniatures

The Allies

Mordor Host


Grond, a 100 foot wolfs head battering ram, was the centrepiece of the Mordor Army. This was represented within the battle by a scratch built battering ram using miniatures from several manufacturers and a fox head from a walking stick. Below are images of the original model.

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