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Antautunut's stuff


Antautunut's stuff

So I've put a bunch of different stuff I've painted over the years in this gallery. There are three time periods. The miniatures that have the brown-painted balsa wood bases were done before 1986, when I was a teenager and before. The miniatures that have the black balsa wood bases are the ones I did once I started painting again, around 2003, and then about two or three years ago, I got weaned off craft paints and started also properly basing my figures.

7/21/2013 I'm also adding some photos from a recent trip I made to Cincinnati where I was able to visit the Iron Wind Metals plant. When I was there I took some photos of a number of figures that they keep in their display cases . Some of them were painted by folks that like Partha miniatures, but others you may be able to note are the figures that were used and painted for some of their catalogs and boxes. Please note that I can't take any credit for having painted any of these, but I thought it would be nice for others to see some of these. I did have a little bit of a lighting issue while there so the lighting seems a tad diffused, but overall most of these pictures came out pretty nicely.

Ral Partha

Hackmaster/Ral Partha

From the Display Cases at Iron Wind Metals


Mega Miniatures




Dark Sword Miniatures

Stonehaven Miniatures

Crocodile Games

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