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Chaos Beastmen

C27 Chaos Beastmen
C38 Chaos Beastmen
CH4 Chaos Beastmen
0220 Beastmen

3116 Beastmen

Chaos Centaurs - Complete

Chaos Champions

CH3 Chaos Champions
Champions of Khorne - Complete
Champions of Slannesh - Complete
Champions of Nurgle - Complete
Champions of Tzeentch - Complete

Chaos Dwarves

C06/C16 Chaos Dwarves - Complete
D3 Chaos Dwarves
MM90 Chaos Dwarves

Chaos Renegades

0216 Chaos Renegades
0222 Chaos Renegades

0223 Chaos Renegades Heavy Weapons

0230 Chaos Renegades

Chaos Sorcerers

C5 Chaos Sorcerers

C5 Chaos Familiars

Chaos Thugs

CH6 Chaos Thugs
CH7 Chaos Thugs - Complete

Chaos Warriors

0217 Chaos Warriors
C35 Chaos Warriors
CH2 Chaos Warriors & F5 Marauders

Citadel Dragons

AD&D Dragons


Fiend Factory


F2 Lords of Battle

Orcs and Giblins

N11 Black Orcs


C18 Night Horrors


Blood On The Streets

Bloodbath at Orcs Drift


Terror Of The Lichemaster
Vengeance Of The Lichemaster

The Magnificent Sven

Tragedy of McDeath

Collection Complete

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Death On The Reik
Shadows Over Bögenhafen

The Shrine Of Rigg


ME23 onwards

ME-44 (V2) Uruk-Hai

  • This alternative range appeared in White Dwarf 100. [8]

Giant Robots

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