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To contact me you can write here: User_talk:ErioL


Any help is appreciated! More infos at the end of the gallery.


  1. "HARLEQUIN 97", but I cannot find it in any set, here and online. Some kind of Charlemagne King.
  2. One of the best 28mm knight I've ever seen! 3 parts horse + dead knight, templar cross symbols on rein.
  3. Some kind of chinese warrior, perhaps a female one. Rectangular base, no inscriptions.
  4. Hawk(?) on perch. No inscription, but possibly by Citadel given the lot I found it in.
  5. Medic soldier(?), cross symbol on shoulders and helmet. slotta tab removed.
  6. Hooded warrior, with ponytail. no inscription on tab.
  7. Necromancer(?), no inscription under the base.
  8. Captive girl. Gagged, tied off and hadcuffed. Poor girl.
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