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Hi, excellent stuff with all those goblins! I think you use Adobe Photoshop to save your images? Could you take a look at the settings when you save images as jpgs? Your images currently include EXIF information (that's how I know you use Photoshop). If there is a checkbox somewhere to not save that then the images will be slightly smaller in size. I use PaintShopPro and as well as not saving the EXIF data I also don't save the ICC profile - there might be a checkbox for that as well? And I also save jpgs using 50% compression (I have a slider control for that) - this last one, as you might expect, cuts the image sizes in half. Have a play around with your save settings. If you can find them and you like/don't like the results then that's fine. I'm just pleased to see all these gobbos. - Cattwister 15:12, 18 June 2020 (BST)

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