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Hi, I've been collecting miniatures and boardgaming since the late 80's. My first miniatures were Marauder Minis as I fell in love with Trish and Aly Morrison's designs, and I have close to every MM dwarf done. I then got into 40k via the Eldar and even worked for G dubs for a little while. I discovered I could paint miniatures fast to a reasonable standard and came into demand at uni for mainly painting Skels (undead were big in 1995/96) and this essentially paid for my deposit on my first flat. Though I've never wanted to paint a skel again, or anything again in fact until relatively recently (painting 1000's of undead can do that to you). I picked the brush up again and have been painting off and on for the last 5 years or so. I even had a crack at a Youtube channel but a nerve problem kind of means I can't paint as much as I'd like now so I've not kept it up (see link below). Like most I have 100's of unpainted minis and some really old stuff that, it would appear has not been catalogued so I figured I should help do that, it helps my OCD - Keir

[1],  "The MediOgre Painter"


You should be able to send me a direct message via the "Email this user" link in the toolbox.


All images I have posted that are uncited are of my minis, either ones I currently own, or have snapped in the past to get sold. Many are not well shot or they're painted when I was like 10, (because its the old stuff thats usually missing), so if you want to use them be my guest, but do credit this wiki as it is a reference site, after all, and we want you to reference it (stating the obvious, obviously).

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