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Hi Rich, an auction for "Falcon Fantasy F005 Undead Wraiths Sealed Blister" has appeared on eBay that differs from the image you uploaded on the Falcon Fantasy (Range) page. I can't see any markings on the blister and I have emailed the seller about it in case it is written on the back. The "Wraith" that you uploaded looks more like a Yeti whereas the blister wraiths look more convincing with robes and scythes? What do you think? - Cattwister 13:58, 15 January 2021 (GMT)

As a follow-up, the seller has confirmed that the blister images for F005 and FAN16 have the product codes marked on the back of the blisters (but we don't have an image of the backs). I'm going to move those 2 around on the wiki page. For FAN16, it is possible that there were 2 druid types and both are correct? For "F005 Wraith" the current image is being sold as "F008 Apeman" by Stan Johansen Miniatures which further conflicts with "FAN-08 Reptilian Fighter". - Cattwister 11:08, 18 January 2021 (GMT)

Hi Cattwister. Thanks for correcting these. I do not currently have any of the minis in blisters and was matching them up to the descriptions as best as I could.

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